Why Halo?

Launching new, Halo Smart Living! Halo Smart Living is a home automation company created to turn your home into a smart, simple property whilst saving energy and money! Whether your electrical system is old or new, Halo can provide you with the correct equipment. Halo can add intelligent, wireless control for your heating, air conditioning and appliances to your home.


Save energy, money and help the environment!

Let Halo take control with amazing geolocation feature.

Monitor your energy consumption to help you make better choices.

Get alerts when problems occur with heating systems.

Convenience of controlling and setting your comfort preferences.

Control every appliances in your home from one system.

What can you do with a Smart Home System like Halo?

Control your spend

One of the many features of Halo is that our Smart Switches and Smart Plugs all record the electricity consumption of connected appliances. As well as our Smart Meters recording and storing electricity consumption for your entire home! Within the Halo app, you can setup how much your electricity costs in Kilowatt Hours (kWH). Once Halo knows how much your electric costs for each kWH, we show you exactly how much each appliance costs to run in your local currency. If you have a Smart Meter installed on your incoming power feed, we will also show you the total cost of your electricity bill as you use it. Your actions in energy reduction will lead to real cash savings.

Halo Hotspot

Another amazing feature of Halo Smart Living is the Halo Hotspot feature.. Within the app this feature allows you to see a map around your home, where you can draw a circle around your home to be used to control the heating and other connected appliance based on your location. An example of how this works is: when you are coming back to your home the app detects that you are within the vicinity (due to the circle that you drew around your home) which will then trigger the heating to switch on and any other Halo connect devices. This also applies when you leave the house. When you have left the circle drawn all Halo connect device will switch off.

The Halo App

Simple yet powerful apps allow you to control time schedules, view energy costs and set up your temperature requirements. Apps are available on Android and iOS, and they are free to download so, you can take control with as many devices as you like.

Limitations are a thing of the past; apps are developing every single day. Apps and devices can control almost any aspect of your home. Everything from music, lighting, garage doors, heating, water usage and even order your shopping – all easily and readily controlled by the smartphone in your pocket right now.

App Features:

  • Temperature, power control and monitoring for the home.
  • Use geolocation for automatic switching and control.
  • iOS and Android App with cloud access.
  • Remote control anywhere, anytime and any place.
  • Program heating and electrical loads using App functions.
  • Cloud based analytics with energy saving advice.
  • Controls built in to allow main user to lock other users to prevent changes being made.

Have you forgot to turn your straighteners off but already left the house?
No problem, just switch them off via the Halo App.

With the use of new integrated technology, it allows you to gain full advantage of a smart home by adjusting and controlling lighting, heating and appliances from home, work or even on the move! In the UK around 83% of people have a smartphone so, why not take full advantage of them! Smartphone technology will allow you to automatically adjust your home from wherever you are.


Live in comfort with Halo’s products.

Be in control of your home.


Make your home a better place with Halo.

Get the best devices today.