A smart and simple system that saves money and energy.
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Monthly terms now also available

Convenience right at your fingertips:
Control your energy, equipment and cost from anywhere in the world.

Be smart and save:
Reduce cost with Halo Hotspot. This feature could save you up to £200 a year.

Simple yet powerful:
Easy app available on iOS and android with cloud -based analytics.


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Be in control of your home.


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Be in total control of your home with Halo

Start your smart home today with Halo Smart Living. Halo is guaranteed to make your life easier! From heating to lighting it can all be controlled via our simple app. But what is a Smart Home?

A Smart Home will let you control and manage your heating, hot water, PV/Solar Systems and other appliances in your home from an App on your smartphone or tablet. With Halo you can:
– Set the times of when your heating comes on and off.
– You can change the temperature.
– Save money and energy.
– Reduce the use of carbon based fuels.
– See how much you are spending on the running of your system.

You’re in control, wherever you are

With the Halo App you can manage everything, anywhere at anytime. On the app it will allow you to monitor and control all your devices as well as managing your energy cost. From seeing how much your bill will be at the end of the month, to turning your lights on and off. YOU will be totally in control of your home.

Young cheerful woman controlling home devices with a voice commands, talking to a smart column at home. Concept of smart home and voice command control

Say Hello to Halo

Halo is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google home. This allows you to use voice commands to control your system and create routines. All you need is your voice.


Here at Halo, we hire qualified and reliable engineers who are based purely off excellent reviews. Our systems are quick and easy to install and with the help of our engineers we can get your system up and running within a flash. We can guarantee that your installation will be done within the first two weeks after purchase. Not going to be in? No need to worry, we can rearrange to a day that suits you.

  • Quick to install.
  • Quick to use.
  • Quick to configure

Are you an engineer looking for extra work?
We have developed our smart home systems precisely with you in mind! Speed of installation, reliability and ease of use add up to two things: a satisfied customer and more time for you to do more.


Simple and effective.

I installed Halo Smart Living system to control my boiler recently after moving into a new house. We also used some Smart Plugs to control electric heaters while we had the heating system modified.

The phone app makes using the system very straight forward either using a time schedule or overriding heating on and off. Both my wife and I are very impressed with the system and made us realise exactly how much we were spending on the electric heaters!!

Simon Hopkins

“We installed a Halo smart room stat in our holiday Lodge to control the heating system. It replaced a standard roomstat which simply regulated the temperature output of the combi boiler. We do not have thermostatic radiator valves.

Combined with the smart white box it has been a great benefit to us. The large digital display is easy to read, and the manual control is easy to use, which means any of our visitors can regulate the temperature without having to download the app. This is, often, a great advantage when some of our guests don’t have a smart phone. The stat is also very accurate and gives a great indication of the temperature of the Lodge.

Overall, a great investment”

John Tyrrell